Here are the direct links to the components of the program. Keep this information in a safe place.

Component #1 Video Presentation (44 minutes)

  • Part #1 – What is Jumper’s Knee? Is at the 1:56 minute mark
  • Part #2 – Exercise Do’s and Don’ts for Jumper’s Knee is at the 15:44 minute mark.
  • Part #3 – 3 Stage Exercise Program for Jumper’s Knee is at the 23:03 minute mark.

  • To Download this Video Click Here

    Component #2 – Copy of the Video Presentation that You Can Print Out

    To Download this PDF Click Here

    Component #3 – Exercise Program

    To Download this PDF Click Here

    In the “Exercise Program” file you will find the 3 Stage Exercise Program (on page 8), Video Library (on page 8 and passwords are in the column next to the URL), Bibliography and Web Resources (on page 64).

    Component #4 Audio (44 minutes)

    To Download this audio Click Here

    This is the audio for the presentation above so you can download it to your MP3 player and listen to the presentation.